Carlos Alberto Jiménez Bandala

—Project Leader – Universidad Autónoma de Quintana Roo

Álvaro de Regil Castilla

—Project Leader – Jus Semper


Alma Cosett Guadarrama Muñoz

—School of Law – La Salle

Dulce María Meneses Ruiz

—School of Medicine – La Salle


Luis Antonio Andrade Rosas

—School of Business – La Salle

Cesaire Chiatchoua

—School of Economics/ Instituto Politécnico Nacional


Melinda Anderson

— Jus Semper

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Prevention, control and treatment of non-transmittable diseases

Devloping of tools for the design of policies and intervention programs to address the problem of overweight and childhood obesity in Mexico





Human Rights, Migration and Human Mobility

Human Rights and Human Mobility to assist migrants as a vulnerable group.


Members of IOLW






Mathematical modelling of income redistribution and their application to social issues and economic phenomena.




Melinda Anderson ha sido editora en jefe de Jus Semper desde 2003. A través del voluntariado, la investigación y la promoción, Melinda ha demostrado un compromiso con la justicia social y la sostenibilidad ambiental. Melinda edita y prepara para su publicación final todos los artículos publicados por Jus Semper en versiones en inglés y español.


Melinda tiene una licenciatura en español de la Universidad Central de Iowa y una maestría en turismo de la Universidad George Washington.


Álvaro de Regil Castilla is Project initiator and Executive Director of The Jus Semper Global Alliance since 2003, a coalition that supports living wages worldwide as a core element of sustainability, democracy, and business accountability. Álvaro is developer of The Living Wages North and South Initiative (TLWNSI) since 1999 and coordinator since 2001. His work is centred on developing the living wage concept, anchored on “equal pay for equal work of equal value", and, at a broader level, advancing a “people and planet” paradigm. As part of this transformative concept, he is also increasingly active in the areas of labour rights, business and human rights, no-growth / degrowth / steady-state economics, basic income and consumer rights.

Álvaro is
also a founding member and facilitator of the International Living Wage Observatory at La Salle University, (Mexico City campus), a contributor to the tranformative vision and praxis of the Global Tranition Initiative of the Tellus Institute in Boston, Massachusets and consultant on the underlying causes of immigration with various community organisations in California.

Previously, Álvaro spent more than 20 years working for various multinationals (Ford Motor Company, IBM, Univision), then managing his own direct response marketing company. He holds an MBA in marketing from the George Washington University and a BS in Business Administrations from La Salle University.




Carlos Jiménez Carlos is a Full-Time Professor-Researcher, at Universidad Autónoma de Quintana Roo, Cancún campus. Carlos is also a Member of the National System of Researchers (SNI-CONACYT) Level 1 and joined Jus Semper in 2019.

Carlos has participated as a speaker at national and international conferences; he is an assessor in referred and indexed journals and author of articles in impact factor magazines, book chapters and a book.

His lines of research are:

• Organisational and economic analysis of the informal sector to increase productivity and promote good living;
Solidarity Economy and symbolic life in organisations for regional sustainable development

Recent publications:

Carlos has a PhD in Organisational Studies from the Autonomous Metropolitan University-(UAM-I), a Masters in Organizational Studies from the same university; a BS in Economics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a BS in Administration from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP).