A Darwinian Grocery Business Model
 TJSGA's Commentary on the Conclusion of

TJSGA's commentary on the conclusion of California's supermarket strike

Álvaro J. de Regil

Wal-Mart's famous and most Darwinian brand of capitalism is setting the standard in U.S. supermarkets. But California grocers have a great opportunity to go the right way and beat Wal-Mart by gaining consumers' trust and loyalty.

There is tremendous potential to tap on consumer support for good corporate citizenship. The three grocers in California and the UFCW are missing the opportunity. Nonetheless, they still have time to show the political will to think long-term and incorporate CSR into their strategic business model. It is a question of business savvy and political will to tap into the consumers' natural disposition to support the good guys and punish the greedy robber barons, if they are informed.

Nonetheless, if grocers choose Wal-Mart's Darwinian way, they will risk a consumer backlash to be sure, as organised civil society informs consumers of their greedy ways. The opportunity is for their taking.

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