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 CSR: Included Aspects and Relevant

CSR: Included Aspects and Relevant Exclusions. Minimum Standards for the Mexican Ethos

Myriam Cardozo Brum

Myriam Cardozo, Coordinator of the Public Policies Master program at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, in Mexico city, offers us this brief as a follow-up on the research of the author regarding the corporate social responsibility of two cement companies in Mexico, one multinational and the other domestic, the latter structured as a cooperative enterprise. The comparison reveals the enormous relativity of the current concept of CSR and the great latitude that is applied in Mexico and the world to label a corporation as socially responsible or irresponsible.

The case illustrates one more time the infant state of CSR, often enough a consequence of the deliberate actions of the business sectors to make of CSR a discipline that conveniently serves its interests.

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