Why is a Living Wage Essential?
 Corporate Social Responsibility Without Living

Corporate Social Responsibility without Living Wages is Irresponsible and Unsustainable

Álvaro J. de Regil

The author covers two issues that TJSGA considers worth insisting on due to the fundamental weight that they carry on the future of CSR.

In this way, the author begins with the issue of the current reporting of the impact of corporate activity on a voluntary basis and with great latitude in its application. Then, the author insists on exposing the total absence of the element of a living wage in CSR standards, despite the fact that not paying a living wage constitutes a rational decision of business entities to exploit their workers, which is tantamount to a predatory practice. A situation that not only should be enough for civil society to not grant good corporate citizenship to any company practicing it, but that also constitutes a violation of a basic human right: the right to live a dignified life.

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