An Idealistic CSR Ethos
  Times of Insurrection

Times of Insurrection

Gustavo Duch

And as the chairman said these last words with a half-smile on his face, most thought it was all a rhetorical, even mocking exercise, typical of someone who knows he is in charge of a company of such size and power. "Now he will announce a further step in our growth by entering the meat sector," whispered the vice-president to the colleague sitting to his right. Rising to his feet, the president announced:

"Let the record show: One. From an ecological and social justice point of view, the only measure that can be taken in the context of a multinational like ours is its total closure. I rule the legal liquidation of our company. Two. After many years of presiding over this multinational, I apologise for having consciously ignored all the damage done to planet Earth, its inhabitants and those yet to come."

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