COVID-19 and Marketocracy

Confronting the pandemic in the context of the market’s supremacy over the welfare of people and planet

Álvaro J. de Regil

his paper is an excerpt of “Marketocracy and the Capture of People and Planet”, published in June 2021, which provides a holistic assessment of the unsustainable trajectory that humanity has been following since the First Industrial Revolution and the capture of democracy by capitalism.

An innate feature of capitalism has been the endless pursuit of an ethos with the least possible intervention of the state in its unrelenting quest for the reproduction and accumulation of capital, at the expense of all other participants in the economic activity prominently including the planet. Capitalism always demands to be in the driver's seat of the economy

This excerpt assesses the criteria that governments around the world have applied to manage COVID-19 infections, the development of vaccinations and the programs for vaccinating the population, always in the context of a market-driven paradigm, where shareholder value of global corporations supersedes the protection and welfare of the Demos (the citizenry). It also covers the many questions that scientific communities across the world have raised on the criteria applied on the diagnosis and treatment of the illness and vaccine development, as well as the systematic repudiation and ostracism that governments are applying to questions coming not from so-called conspiracy theorists but from medical scientists specialised in a diversity of fields that directly deal with epidemiological events.

There is currently a global debate on the need to ask the citizenry to get a third dose of a vaccine as a booster shot, given the steep increase in contagions and hospitalisations caused by the Delta mutation SARS-CoV-2. While the U.S. government and rich countries are pushing for a third dose, many in the medical practice feel the best strategy is to put more pressure on people to get vaccinated in the U.S. and everywhere, and, to accomplish this, to support poor countries with massive supplies of vaccines instead of giving a third dose to those who have been vaccinated. This, coupled with the systematic use of masks and restrictions for circulation, work, travel, and daily activities against those who reject vaccinations, appears to be the most sensible and effective strategy to defeat the virus and all its mutations.

Lastly, given the fluid state of the pandemic, this excerpt updates the latest VAERS data available for adverse reactions, two recent vaccine adverse reactions recently identified for the mRNA vaccines and the Janssen vaccine, as well as a new vaccine (Coronavax), developed using traditional methods, that is currently in its process of approval, again in a market-driven context.

For a full read of this brief, click here or on the picture to download the pdf file.


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