Capitalism Sucks Our Blood and Kills Us

Alejandro Teitelbaum

Alejandro Teitelbaum directly addresses the most relevant features of the system of domination the world endures, exposing its most harmful aspects. The author shows the predatory and unsustainable essence of capitalism and the crass paradox that exists between its enormous technological and scientific development and the increasing inequality, the deliberate breakdown of social welfare systems, the precariousness of employment and the general collapse of capitalism’s quality of life in the face of an uber-concentration of wealth in a microscopic fraction of humanity. Teitelbaum illustrates this paradox with incontrovertible examples of the policies that have been applied for decades, both in the metropolises of the system and in its periphery, to materialise this uber-concentration. Finally, the author poses that the only alternative is the effort that ordinary citizens must undertake to understand the unjust and unsustainable framework of the dominant system. This is absolutely necessary in order to take consciousness about the great need to organise to pursue a radical and paradigmatic change. Otherwise we run the great risk of allowing capitalism to lead humanity, in the medium term, towards its extinction.


For a full review of this essay, click here or on the picture to download the pdf file.


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