Debunking the myths behind US malice towards Mexico –
The less than one percent bi-national agreement behind the myths supporting Trump’s Mexico bashing

Álvaro de Regil

The US has customarily conveyed an image of Mexico using blatant lies or manipulated facts that can only elicit disdain or hatred among US citizens. In this narrative, succinctly, Mexico is a perennially poor country with lots of violence and corruption that puts it on the brink of becoming a failed state, which is having a negative social and economic impact on the US. Yet the US has deliberately plundered Mexican socioeconomic structures and destroyed Mexico’s social fabric. This has been performed through a closely-concerted connivance with Mexico’s corrupt elites as part of the US so-called national interest: global imperialism. Through this evidently perverse and corrupt partnership the US has unambiguously and unrelentingly played a major role in the Machiavellian crafting of the root causes explaining Mexico’s disastrous situation. This has resulted in an increase of inequality, corruption and violence. However, the US narrative plays it as if Mexico’s northern neighbour has had nothing to do with this. Now Trump has vitriolically defamed Mexico by trying to exponentially exploit the worst and least sustainable stereotypes of Mexico and its people. This paper will debunk all the deliberately malicious myths advanced by the US’ equally-corrupt elites with a vested interest in denigrating its southern neighbour and present the true facts behind the lies.

prepared in the Spring of 2018. For a full review of this essay, click here or on the picture to download the pdf file.






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