the yellow vests

Alejandro Teitelbaum

The mobilisation of the yellow vests raised expectations and rejections and also multiple interpretations. Among the latter, some deem that it is a new way of expressing the conflict between those who have more and those who have less, given the inability to assume it on the part of traditional organisations: unions, "left" parties, etc.

The fundamental and secondary conflicts cannot be solved without having as the objective to radically change the current social order, which is a titanic and long-term task. First of all, because the dominant classes completely have at their service the institutions of the State: Government, Parliament, Justice, Police, Armed Forces and international organisations: the UN, the WTO, the IMF, the European Union, etc. and its armed arms: NATO, the so-called "special forces" (paramilitary formations and others) and the fundamentalist and terrorist organisations and groups; the latter actual pawns, occasionally or permanent, voluntary or involuntary, of these ruling classes. And they also have at their disposal the so-called "civil society": the big capital, the media controlled by the former, the part of the intelligentsia and the different social organisations at the service of the system, working together with the State but outside of it as apparatuses of economic domination, ideological hegemony and social control.

This is how there are strategies that are designed to deal with specific real conflicts (relating to gender, environmental pollution, the organisation of education and its contents, those referring to the practices and policies of pharmaceutical monopolies and public health, conflicts between the right to information and its manipulation by media oligopolies conflicts between leaders and led ones in all types of organisations, those generated by representative democracy in terminal crisis, etc.) that sometimes evolve into campaigns and demonstrations to vindicate the rights of groups that are particularly stakeholders , but that, because they are not being articulated within the global questioning of the system and the need to end it, they end up fading away or being digested by the system.

In other words, social and group conflicts are multiple and varied but to give them a path to a resolution that overcomes their plight, it is necessary to be formulated within the struggles to resolve the main contradiction inherent to the capitalist system,


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