The AA1000 Framework

Launched in 1999, AA1000 is an accountability standard designed to address this challenge - to improve accountability and performance by learning through stakeholder engagement.

It was developed to address the need for organisations to integrate their stakeholder engagement processes into daily activities. According to Accountability, the standard has been used worldwide by leading businesses, non-profit organizations and public bodies.

The Framework helps users to establish a systematic stakeholder engagement process that generates the indicators, targets, and reporting systems needed to ensure its effectiveness in overall organisational performance.

The principle underpinning AA1000 is inclusivity. The building blocks of the process framework are planning, accounting and auditing and reporting. It does not prescribe what should be reported on but rather the 'how'. In this way it is designed to complement the GRI Reporting Guidelines.

Click here to downaload the AA1000 Assurance Standard

The Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility

AccountAbility is an international, not-for-profit, professional institute dedicated to the promotion of social, ethical and overall organizational accountability, a precondition for achieving sustainable development.


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